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staying at home

I guess it's only fitting that my first blog post portrays the last session I had, which happened to be none other than one of the infamous FaceTime sessions everyone's talking about. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about- when you're on FaceTime with someone there's a "live photo" button. This essentially takes a photo of what the other persons camera is seeing, and doesn't leave your own face in the bottom or top corner of the photo.

Because photographers can't get out and physically be with clients right now (in most places), this was an amazing way to keep the creative juices flowing. It was honestly a lot harder than I thought it'd be- directing clients and trying to figure out where they should be setting up without being there with them, was no easy feat.

But, we did what we could and popped some champagne to celebrate our success in figuring out how the heck these sessions even worked.

The point of these fun sessions is to make it feel like you're actually there with the clients. So, I had Ashley and Danny move to different rooms of their apartment, just like we would have had I actually been there. Once we finished up with their living room, we moved on to their bedroom to get steamy....well, not exactly.

We really moved to the bedroom to have a pillow fight. Danny thought he had this one in the bag, but, Ashley won, CLEARLY.

Although the photos from these sessions won't ever be blown up and hung on a wall due to the quality, it was for sure a fun experience. I know for me, it definitely brought a little brightness and excitement to being stuck home in quarantine.

Stay safe and stay healthy, folks.

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